Johanna Alvarez

Johanna Alvarez

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Phone: +506 8373 2085

Company: Gap Real Estate


Johanna, a bilingual Costa Rican, started her business career in several sizable retail stores there. Johanna’s clients receive excellent service due to her in-depth understanding of Costa Rican law and regulations.

Johanna began contributing her professionalism, effort, and attention to all facets of real estate in 2008. Over the years, she has assisted people in successfully relocating to Costa Rica. Even in difficult situations, she is renowned for her attention to detail in satisfying the demands of her clients, which has led to a foundation of grateful clientele.

With her calm and friendly demeanor, you’ll feel completely at ease with the relocation process.

Even if you are still in your home country, you may start getting ready for your move to Costa Rica with Johanna’s meticulous step-by-step instructions. When you return for your subsequent trip to Costa Rica, Johanna will have it prepared for submission!

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