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    At Grupo Gap LLC SRL, we are committed to offering our clients the highest level of service. We strive to engage in consistent communication, and we are dedicated to getting the best results. With many years of coast-to-coast experience in Costa Rica, Gap Real Estate is looking to provide you with the highest quality service possible for your next real estate purchase or sale.

    We know that relocating to Costa Rica and settling into a new investment is not a simple process. Doing business in another country and relocating to Costa Rica involves extensive research and relying on skilled professionals. At every step, we offer you dependable real estate support. Our primary objective is to assist you in completing a successful real estate transaction. We will do our very best to help you find your ideal investment property or home in Costa Rica.

    Gap Real Estate company will only be paid a commission at closing equal to the customary 6% of the agreed-upon sale price if one of its clients buys the property.

    In Costa Rica, real estate commissions can be up to 10% of the transaction price. The seller is legally compelled to pay the whole real estate commission fee unless the buyer agrees to a cost-sharing scheme.


    Are you looking to list your home? Then contact Gap Real Estate now!


    Read how to list your property by reading our blog story here.

    Our non-exclusive approach means free advertising for your property to get it sold as fast as possible.

    Provide us with at least 10 photos of your property, a description, location, property size, and construction size for a complete listing.

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