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About Costa Rica flagFacing spiraling costs of living, oppressive taxes and government regulations in the United States, many people are searching for an affordable place to reside outside of the USA without sacrificing their current lifestyle. Costa Rica may be the place you are seeking as it has long attracted retirees and investors alike due to the great weather and cost of living benefits. This enchanting country located in Central America between the Pacific and the Caribbean, was named Costa Rica, meaning “Rich Coast”, by Christopher Columbus.

With its majestic mountains, pristine beaches, volcanoes, coffee plantations, beautiful weather year round, stunning waterfalls, low cost of living, low-crime rate, as well as modern shopping centers, and hospitals; Costa Rica has become home to many people from around the world. Recognizing the numerous benefits and beauty Costa Rica has to offer, more foreigners, especially Europeans, Canadians and North Americans, have chosen to retire, invest or purchase second homes in this amazing paradise.

Costa Rica earns its reputation as the easiest country to buy property in Central America. The political stability and sheer volume of expatriates, keep surprises to a minimum due to ample bilingual resources available. Unlike many other countries, foreigners share the same rights as locals when purchasing land in Costa Rica. With title insurance available, the purchasing process is fairly similar to that of the United States. Although, agents are not required to be licensed, the Costa Rica Chamber of Real Estate Brokers has been effective in its efforts to standardize the industry.

Costa Rica boasts a low crime rate, low-cost public health care, inexpensive housing, a wealth of activities, online English newspapers, www.amcostarica.com, www.insidecostarica.com and www.ticotimes.net, cable and satellite TV with U.S. channels, broadband internet, and beaches with great surf for novices and veterans alike. Depending on one’s lifestyle, many foreigners can live on $1,500 a month or less as housings is only a fraction of the cost. A full-time maid costs around $20 per day; Utilities, such as telephone, electricity and water, are nominal and broadband Internet service starts at around $20/month. In the Central Valley, heating and air conditioning are not necessary due to the consistently mild temperatures in the area.

The diverse coastal regions of Costa Rica differ immensely from each other. The Northern Pacific coast, mostly within the province of Guanacaste, boasts great expanses of cattle ranches, leading up to white sand beaches, some of which are still sparsely populated. The Central Pacific is very popular with foreigners and locals because of its proximity to the Central Valley, and includes the country’s main Pacific port. The Caribbean coast feels like a whole different country altogether, with its Afro-Caribbean flavor and separate climate. Housing in coastal regions varies greatly as beachfront is logically much more expensive.


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About Costa rica 

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