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Which is better, buying or building a home?

That depends on what you want.

If you find your dream property already built, chances are you can negotiate a great deal. However, purchasing your ideal land and building can also prove an amazing value, so it all depends on your preferences and needs.

Should I use a Real Estate Agent in Costa Rica?

A real estate agent can help you navigate the Costa Rican real estate market and the language barrier.

However, bear in mind that agents are not required to be licensed or pass a test, so anyone can legally advertise himself as a real estate agent.

How can I find the ideal property for my needs?

We have both commercial and private properties for sale and lease; just let us know your preferences, price range and location and we will do our best to locate the right property for your lifestyle and budget.

Does Costa Rica have a Central Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?

There is no central MLS in Costa Rica.

Several websites advertise an MLS search, which is usually a collaboration between several real estate agents to list their properties in one location.

Can I get Financing in Costa Rica?

Bank financing is very complicated due to local laws and bureaucracy, and interest rates are high – usually around 10-12%. However, many sellers offer partial financing, usually with a down payment of 40-50%.

Are Electricity and Water available in Rural Areas of Costa Rica?

This largely depends on the location, but most properties have electricity and water brought to the property boundary. It is the responsibility of the owner to connect those utilities on the property itself.

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