Choosing a Real Estate Agent in Costa Rica

Buying or selling your home can be one of the biggest single investments that you may make. Choosing the right real estate agent to help you buy your dream house or sell your existing home quickly is so important. The wrong agent can botch the transaction.

Despite the high stakes, many buyers and sellers give little thought to choosing the real estate agent. You can read online reviews, but realize those reviews don’t always tell the whole story. Most clients, satisfied or dissatisfied, don’t write reviews. A successful track record speaks volumes.

7 Red Flags to Watch Out For When Choosing a Real Estate Agent

1- The agent suggests the highest price for your house.  At Gap Real Estate have the knowledge and experience to analyze your home and give you great advise on the value of your home.  Pricing a home too high at the start often means it takes longer to sell and ultimately sells for less. If your property is listed at too high a price for the market, buyers will not even look at it because they know you’re not realistic. The longer your property sits on the market, the more people are going to think there’s something wrong with it!

2- The agent does real estate on the side, part time. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you want to choose an agent who is actively following the market every day. Gap Real Estate has over 40 years’ experience in Costa Rica. If you’re buying, you want an agent who can jump on new listings and show them to you immediately. If you’re the seller, you want an agent who is always available to show your home to prospective buyers.

3- The agent is a relative. As often happens in Costa Rica, unless your relative is a super star, full-time agent who specializes in your neighborhood, he or she is unlikely to do as good of a job as another agent. That can breed resentment, as well as derail your transaction.

4- The agent doesn’t know the real estate landscape in your neighborhood. Finding a neighborhood expert is especially important in areas where moving a block can raise or lower the value of a home by $100,000. Therefore, Gap Real Estate only specializes in specific areas.

5- The agent doesn’t usually deal with your type of property. If you’re buying or selling a condominium, don’t pick an agent who rarely sells condos. If you’re looking for investment property, find an agent who traditionally works with investors. Gap Real Estate has multiple specialties, but you want to make sure the agent is well-versed in the type of transaction you’re doing.

6- The agent doesn’t usually work with buyers in your price range. Some agents specialize in homes of all types in a specific area. Gap Real Estate specializes in homes that can sell fast. Price range is not really a factor except that it is priced to sell fast.

7- The agent is a poor negotiator or fails to keep up with details of the transaction. In many cases, the most important work of an agent is not to find the home but to make sure the sale closes. With over 40 years of experience and an impressive sales record, you can rest assured that Gap Real Estate has the capacity to sell your home in a timely fashion and at the right price.




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