Lawsen Parker

Operations Manager 40 properties
Phone: +506 8500-2085

Company: Gap Real Estate


Hello! I’m a former Vancouverite by the name of Lawsen Parker, an Operations Manager with Grupo Gap. Ensuring the development and implementation of efficient operations and cost-effective systems to meet the current and future needs of the organization.

I first moved to Costa Rica when I was 16 to study in a new environment. In the early 2010’s I started working in real estate and mortgage loaning business while I traveled around Costa Rica until my early 20s and obtained my permanent residency in Costa Rica. Afterward, I moved back to Vancouver, studied at UBC, and started building and restoring homes specializing in home and commercial renovations. In 2016 at 24, I moved to South America to pursue a marketing opportunity, which helped me to learn many aspects of the trade and how to market to a large audience effectively.

During my travels, I discovered that Costa Rica was the ideal spot to settle down and would be the best place to launch my new career. After extensive traveling around Costa Rica, I decided to reside in Escazu because of its proximity to the capital, the locals, the restaurants, the weather, and all the opportunity here.

My experience in the building industry and knowledge of Costa Rica are two of my most valuable advantages in assisting clients in finding the mortgage they need. I desire to help others fall in love with Costa Rica and relocate here the same way I have.

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