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How to pick a real estate agent in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has many agencies to choose your realtor from. The question is, which is the best choice for you? Gap Real Estate understands that purchasing or selling a home can be one of the most important transactions a person can make.  Therefore, it’s essential to choose the best.


Here is our list of how to pick a real estate agent in Costa Rica and protect yourself from the wrong agent that could ruin your transaction:


Works part-time in real estate

Work with an agent that’s primary focus is the mission at hand or miss out on potential opportunities. You will want an agent that actively tracks the market. If you’re looking to buy, you will enjoy an agent who can react to new listings quickly and present them to you. Or, if you’re a seller, you’ll want somebody available to showcase your home to potential buyers. Both require a full-time investment from a professional.


Feeling obligated to go with a recommendation

Just because somebody has a friend who could assist you doesn’t always mean it’s the best option. Your friend’s husband’s, cousin twice removed, that just got their real estate license, may not possess the know-how you need. This can be the same case for “the local realtor,” many of whom claim to have the most listings in the area but could also be biased.


Circumstances exceed your agent’s capacity

If your agent usually works with $150,000 USD properties or less, your property valued at $1,000,000 USD will not work with their client base or marketing strategies.


Lacks negotiation skills

The difference between getting a deal of a lifetime or overpaying market value is at the mercy of your agents’ timing and negotiation ability. Ensure you have the best with a solid team behind you, like Gap Real Estate.


Recommends the highest possible price

Overpriced properties are overlooked and do not inspire interest to drum up offers. You may obtain a general notion of what to anticipate by asking different agents for their appraisals and estimates of how long it could take to sell or buy a house. If the price is too high, it can frighten potential buyers, which might prolong the time it takes for your house to sell. Avoid selecting a real estate specialist who makes excessive claims since it is frequently hard to fulfill commitments in such significant commercial deals.


Weak online presence

Online marketing is more significant. Nowadays, the majority of real estate professionals have a website, but you should confirm how web-savvy they truly are. Knowing this helps you assess their ability to satisfy the marketing requirements of advertising your house or locating one for you. Every agent posts photos of your house online. As a buyer, you want to be fully aware of the strategies your real estate agent uses to distinguish your house from the competition.


Based on location

Always choose a real estate agent based on how well they can sell your house. Many realtors may opt to connect with a business that is near to you even if they may live 50 miles away. Many huge firms will set up “front offices” with just a receptionist and no agents in order to create the impression that they are close to your house.


Based on a specific firm

The majority of firms offer little to no promotion or advertising for your house, which many individuals are unaware of. All marketing is typically the agent’s responsibility. It is important to ask an agent to provide you with a written plan that details all of the steps they will take to sell your house.



With over 20 years of expertise and a remarkable track record, you can be confident knowing you have made the right decision with Gap Real Estate behind the helm. They have a fantastic reputation for giving customers a satisfying buying and selling experience. All of their agents are vested in Costa Rica’s future as long-term residents. Their expertise, commitment, and enthusiasm will make them “Your real estate choice”!



NOTE:  if you spend $150,000 USD or more on a property, you may qualify for the Investor category residency.




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Written by: Lawsen Parker
Sales Agent
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