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Blue Zone in Costa Rica

Blue Zones are defined as locations of the globe where people live much longer lives.

Blue zones are found in five locations across the world. Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula is one of them. The residents of this area are known for living longer than the national average. Residents of a blue zone maintain their mobility, energy, mental clarity, overall wellness, and passion for life till the end of their lives, which is an essential attribute.


What makes the difference?

What makes the places so unique? It is the residents’ “way of life.”

Over 75,000 people on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula have followed the same pattern for hundreds of years. They are small-scale farmers and cowboys (sabaneros) who operate on the area’s enormous cattle ranches. You’d never guess that this part of the Americas has the most significant life expectancy.

There are dusty settlements with porches where neighbors meet or modest homes with women cooking on old wood-burning stoves. There is no such thing as “blue zone city life.”

According to experts, genetics account for less than 25% of a person’s longevity, while the remaining 75% is influenced by the person’s lifestyle or daily routine.


A Longevity Way of Life

Centenarians are people who live 100 years or more on average in the Nicoya Peninsula’s blue zone.

These Centenarians have revealed how they were able to survive for so long:

  • Have a “Plan de Vida” (a strong sense of purpose/reason for living);
  • Drink “Hard Water” (water that is high in calcium);
  • Keep a focus on family;
  • Eating a light dinner;
  • Maintain a social network (frequent visits from neighbors);
  • Keep hard at work (finding joy in everyday chores);
  • Get some sensible sun;
  • Embrace a common history.

If you have the good fortune to spend time in this part of Costa Rica, you will immediately realize that life here is slower than anywhere on the planet. Families with many generations generally live together or near one another, spend time together, learn from one another, and assist one another. They aren’t scared to get dirty, feel the sand between our toes, and dive into the salty blue ocean or the delicious water of a nearby river since they live in beautiful surroundings. Many people work outside and are lucky to regularly have access to fresh air and sunlight. Popular recreational activities include surfing, swimming, hiking, fishing, and horseback riding.

Consumption of fresh, local, natural foods is very crucial. Fresh, whole-meal recipes are often passed down through the generations, and the cuisine is always prepared with affection.

Allow yourself to embrace the Pura Vida way of life!



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