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How to get residency from investing in Costa Rica

One of the best ways to get your residency in Costa Rica is from investing; a popular and straightforward choice of Gap Real Estate clients has been the Investor’s category.

The first step is to purchase a property or business worth $150,000 USD or more.

To purchase real estate in Costa Rica is generally through one of these 3 methods.

  1. The conventional purchase and transfer of your name to the title;
  2. Buying the corporation that holds the property’s title;
  3. Create a corporation through which you will transfer the title.

Gap Real Estate are experts in these processes and can assist you through either of the purchasing options.

All 3 of these methods are capable of qualifying you for the investor residency. With different steps for each of the processes, all of which CRIE (Costa Rica Immigration Experts) can assist you with and more. Gap Real Estate has been working hand in hand with CRIE for over 15 years without a hiccup and is their Number 1 recommendation for any residency category you need.

From working with CRIE in the past, we know that starting your residency preparation with them is simple!
After you have made your property purchase of $150,000 USD or more, you will need your original apostilled or legalized documents from your country of origin, such as:

  1. Birth Certificate;
  2. Criminal Record (federal level);
  3. Marriage Certificate (if applicable).

According to the Costa Rican government, all apostilled paperwork must be relatively new and submitted before it reaches 6 months old and is considered out of date.
Along with your spouse, your children or dependents 24 years old and younger who are not married can be claimed with their apostilled paperwork (#1 and #2) as stated above.

The rest you can leave in the capable hands at CRIE to complete.


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