Costa Rica Educational System

Since 1869, the education system in Costa Rica has been free to all citizens of the country. The pride that as their educational system shows, they maintain a very high ranking as compared to the rest of the countries around the world.

The Emphasis on Education

Costa Rica enjoys a excellent educational system that is ranked 20th in the world according to the most recent Global Competitiveness Report which makes it “high quality” compared to the rest of the world. With a literacy rate of 94.9% a full 2 points above the average for Latin America countries as well as those in the Caribbean, the Costa Rican educational system is one that is admired in this part of the world.

The overall educational system is divided into three different cycles;

–        Pre-education: Before 7 years old

–        Primary Education: From 7 to 12 years old

–        Secondary Education: From 12 to 18 years old

Although the primary education from ages 7 to 12 is attended by virtually every child in the country, the secondary educational system is divided into academic and technical. Families have a choice as to which type they want their children to attend and upon graduation it will help them qualify for higher education in terms of universities, colleges and training schools depending on the choice the students have made.

It is an exceptional higher education system which has proven to be a model for many in the region. There are five public institutions of higher education and nearly twenty private colleges and universities in Costa Rica as well.

Costa Rica has no military and a minimum of 8% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) must be dedicated to the maintenance of the education system in the country. Although there are many different factors as to why Costa Rica enjoys consistent economic prosperity for its people, there is no question that the exceptional education system lays at the heart of it.

School for Expat Children

Because there are so many people from other cultural backgrounds that live in Costa Rica, there are a wide variety of private schools that exist to serve their needs. There are many children from the US, France, UK, Israel, Germany and many other nations who now reside in Costa Rica and enjoy the high education standards of the private schooling that is available.

Because of the bilingual natural of the main school system in Costa Rica, it is quite common for “Expats” who have moved into the country to send their teenage children straight into national high schools because the educational quality is very high.

The Costa Rican educational system is very well suited for families who have come from other countries as the standards are very high. The people of Costa Rica consider their educational system one of the pillars of their social and economic stability which has helped lead them to a more prosperous nation. Today, those who qualify to enter and work in Costa Rica can rest assured that their children will have a respected and high quality educational system in terms of private and public schools.

Costa Rica Education SystemCosta Rica Education SystemCosta Rica Education SystemCosta Rica Education System

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